My “The One”: Givenchy L’Interdit Review

Givenchy L’Interdit – The Dream of The Jasmine Garden

Bring your senses to a warm summer morning in the tropics. You’re sitting on a stone bench in a courtyard garden, the sun is just beginning to warm the drops of dew sprinkled on the petals of the jasmine blossoms, prompting them to conceal their beauty until nightfall. It’s a hanging garden, with garlands of white flowers draped over the stone walls, the rains touching each and every one as they come down in the night. But the mornings – the mornings are sweet, bright, and indolic. Givenchy L’Interdit is the secret jasmine garden of a girl’s imagination; the one to which she has the key and unlocks to find another world – the world of flowers.

Charleston Jasmine Vines Garden

Flowering Jasmine Vines from ourcharlestonlife, sourced from

The Story

My apologies to past loves for thinking that the latest is the first – Under One Small Star, Wislawa Szymborska

The title of this post suggests that I have finally found “The One” – and I can say that yes, I truly have. The last time I had a signature scent was when I was 16 and my parents gave me Burberry (the original Burberry Women) for my birthday. I was over the moon. It smelled divine – I thought I was the best-smelling girl in school, and apparently so did my classmates because I always got tons of compliments on it. With that first perfume, my interest grew and I began experimenting with different scents, combinations, fragrance oils, layering oils and perfumes, using oudh. By this time I was well into my master’s program and I still thought I was the best-smelling girl in school, but by then, it was a different scent every day. I had an arsenal of perfumery in my closet, all different kinds of scents. Some were warm, some crisp and fresh, some animalic, some floral, some girly-girl, others more serious, and some masculine – it’s like I had one for every possible mood under the sun.

I noticed that I actually stopped noticing them. There were too many choices, too much variety to really cherish one. It was time for a big edit, not only of my perfume closet but of my life! When I was moving to Switzerland, I downsized to 2 – I loved them both but neither of them had what it took to be a signature. I was always looking for something else, something more… until… I stumbled across Givenchy’s new release this September.

Givenchy L'Interdit EDP

Givenchy L’Interdit – The Review

Givenchy L’Interdit is the embodiment of a modern white floral. It’s crisp, bright, a sunny warming mix of jasmine and tuberose, the most romantic flowers of our era, yet it still manages to capture a certain dewiness that keeps it from suffocating its wearer. It’s got great sillage and longevity – I can smell it the day after on my clothes and in my hair. The bottle is so gorgeous. It’s a classic cylindrical style with a ribbon on the neck that is reminiscent of the old Baccarat crystal bottles of Guerlain, where the cap has nothing to hold it in place except the sanding of the crystal and the rope ribbon that was so beautifully tied around its neck. Last week I was at the biggest flea market in Switzerland, in a sleepy village in the French part of the country called Le Landeron. What caught my eye were those very exact crystal Guerlain bottles, still able to charm, even with so many years and nothing in them. In Givenchy’s L’Interdit, I love the melding of minimalism with classicism, and I hope Givenchy never changes this flacon style. It’s truly a nod to the old craftsmanship of perfumery and perfume bottles.

Guerlain Baccarat flacon

Guerlain rope ribbon Baccarat flacon, photo sourced from Ebay

Guerlain flacon string cap

Guerlain’s Rope Ribbon, sourced from Guerlain

Givenchy L'Interdit EDP Bottle

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